Viral video marketing

Last week while trying to study for my midterm exams I got extremely distracted (as per usual) and went on a YouTube tangent. During this procrastination session I stumbled upon a video that is a perfect example of ‘viral content marketing.’

Please check it out!


This is obviously an attempt to creative massive online views and to influence viewers to share this video with their friends. The marketers who developed the concept for this video used a well know tactics to enable this video to spread like wildfire by making spectators  want to show people the product.

Make it slightly on the offensive side.

When people watch the video, they are amazed and cannot believed they made such racy video for such a trivial product. If you look at the title you can see already that they are trying to set the tone for what people are about to watch. is using a shock the viewer approach. Using an expletive in the title is a bold move, some people may not even want to watch the video. However, this company obviously knows their target market is males between 18-34 who go to college, therefore they can assume that the viewers they are targeting will not be offended by the title. On the contrary most people in their target market, see the title and want to find out more.

Here are some stats from showing’s target demographics.



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